How Custom Concrete Sinks Can Raise Building Value

There are a number of reasons to choose concrete sinks for your new build or remodeling projects. Concrete sinks have become an increasingly popular choice in both commercial and residential buildings because of their style and durability. Additionally, when you choose custom concrete sinks, they will also be a truly unique investment that can raise the overall value of your building.

They Are Stylish & In-Demand

Concrete sinks are a popular choice for spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and wet bars because they offer a distinctive and updated look. In its most traditional form, concrete has a modern appearance and feel that conveys cleanliness and utility. This look and feel pairs well with many current trends in interior design, such as luxury vinyl plank flooring in gray tones and timeless stainless steel appliances.

One particularly popular approach to a concrete sink and counter design is what is known as the “one piece look” which combines the sink and countertop into one continuous piece. This option contributes to a seamless and modern look that never goes out of style. No matter what particular style approach you choose, when you go with a concrete sink, you will know you are choosing something that is both currently in demand and an example of timeless style that will age elegantly with your building.

They Are Completely Unique

Another way a custom concrete sink can raise a building’s value is by offering a completely unique feature, something that is appealing to many buyers. An uncommon and unique feature can catch the eye of prospective buyers and reinforce their interest.

When you choose a custom sink from CustomCreteWerks, you choose something that will stand out from the usual porcelain and white options. You can choose both a color to suit your style and preferences. In fact, you can match your custom concrete sink to a room’s or whole building’s theme for a complimentary effect. Check out some of our lovely concrete sink designs for ideas!

At CustomCreteWerks, we will work with you to design the sink you want from the visual textures and colors we offer. The sink can have a more traditional appearance or go all out in terms of style and design so guests or potential buyers will be blown away by your truly unique custom concrete sink.

They Will Not Need to be Replaced For Years

In addition to offering a variety of stylish and unique options for sink design, concrete is one of the most durable materials for sink construction. As such, you can expect your custom concrete sink to last up to 50 or 60 years with proper care. This durability makes them particularly well-suited to high-traffic areas common in commercial buildings as well as long-lasting features of more intimate home bathrooms.

The proper care that will lead to the utmost longevity of your sink is actually pretty simple. Because concrete used for sinks is sealed, it should not crack or stain. This is particularly true for CustomeCreteWerk’s concrete since we use a sealant that is long-lasting and does not need to be reapplied.

Contact CustomCreteWerks for Custom Concrete Sinks

If you are ready to upgrade your sinks to custom concrete sinks, give CustomCreteWerks a call to discuss design and installation options. We can make suggestions and listen to your needs and design goals. And if you are considering installing a concrete sink yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional concrete installer instead to save yourself time and avoid potential pitfalls. Contact us for all your questions about custom concrete sinks.

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