Terms of Sale

Terms and Conditions

Products made by Custom Crete Werks (CCW) are hand-made and hand-finished. Each piece is unique due to our production process and material variations. Variations in texture, dimension, color and aggregate distribution within the final product may occur and are considered an inherent property of our products. Samples of any materials may not precisely represent the material you will receive. Shades of color, for example, may vary per shipment due to the inherent nature of the materials used. For example, the humidity on the day the concrete is cast can subtly affect the color of the cured concrete. Hairline fractures can occur in the finished product and are considered a natural characteristic of concrete, although we do everything within our control to reduce the possibility of them happening. Hairline fractures do not affect the structural integrity of the concrete, and can happen at any time.

Payment Schedule

A 50% payment is required due before a project is committed to our production schedule and all final payments are due before installation or shipment, unless otherwise specified in your estimate. Checks are acceptable for payment. Prices shown on the estimate do not include State/local sales tax or special municipal fees, unless otherwise noted. Where applicable, these costs will be added to the final invoice. Overdue invoices are subject to an interest charge of 1% per month.


Your estimates will reflect if installation is included by CCW.

Installation by others

The installer assumes complete responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the installation. CCW provides detailed instructions with the shipment and is available for consultation by phone. CCW is not responsible for chipping, cracking, or scratches caused before, during or after installation. Site Preparation If CCW is required to manufacture off drawings, we highly recommend you visit the jobsite and confirm all drawn items are going to fit in the desired locations without modifications.

Site Preparation

If CCW is required to manufacture off drawings, we highly recommend you visit the jobsite and confirm all drawn items are going to fit in the desired locations without modifications.


CCW recommends templating whenever possible, especially when countertops are placed between two walls, as the template will reduce the likelihood of large joints and gaps. If you are unable to template, one side will need to be manufactured long, to allow for cutting on site by the installer. Additional fees will apply if CCW installs product in this manner. Also, if a template cannot be made it is critical to have all walls square to keep the width of grout joints to a minimum.

Please make sure all measurements/templates are correct before submitting them to CCW. CCW will not be responsible for reconfirming requirements that have been submitted.

Production Tolerances

Slight variations in thickness and other dimensions are to be expected. We take extra precautions to control all formwork and finishing processes but due to their nature, minor variations in dimensions can occur. Maximum dimensional variations are +/-1/4″ at maximum slab length; typical variations are usually half of the maximum or less. Slab size maximum is generally 9’9” x 4’9” but may change on a case by case basis.

Structural Support

CCW will advise you if structural support is required but is not responsible for manufacturing or engineering of needed supports, unless otherwise specified in the estimate. The client is advised to consult a licensed structural engineer to design or verify all structural support.


Seaming is required when countertops exceed maximum slab or manipulation by cabinet layout, sink openings and material limitations. Seams are designed to be filled with a color-coordinating acrylic caulk after slabs are placed. Typical seams are 1/16”+ to 1/8” wide. CCW will provide you with a seam layout for approval before production is started.


CCW will supply enough color matched grout to fill all the joints for the products listed on the estimate. If additional grout is needed, you will be charged per tube.

Fixtures, Cutouts & Holes

Cut outs and/or holes need to be addressed before casting. We do not recommend cutting into the finished product, as this could compromise the structural integrity. To ensure proper fit of all fixtures, CCW requires one of each fixture (faucets, soap dispensers and others items needing to protrude the surface) to be sent to our production facility. If you are unable to send fixtures, please provide CCW with product data sheets for each missing item. Please note that your project will be manufactured to the specifications given off these data sheets, and could vary from the actual product. It is highly unlikely, but this could cause a potential issue during installation.

Integral sinks

CCW has applied an additional sealer (Miracle 511 Porous Plus manufactured by Miracle Sealants Company) to the sink assembly during production to increase permeability. To further extend the life of your integral sink we recommend applying Miracle 511 Porous Plus to the exposed drain assembly and any hairline fractures every 6 months. Apply with a foam applicator per the manufactures directions.


Commercial items will be manufactured with a CustomCreteWerks logo unless otherwise specified by the client. One logo will be placed per commercial room.


The estimate reflects our understanding of the client’s requirements. The accuracy of these specifications is the sole responsibility of the client.

Any change to the estimate will require a written change order prior to casting. A new estimate will be issued in regards to the change order. Changes necessitating cost adjustments may include but are not limited to: changes in square footage of product or linear footage of backsplashes, change in backsplash height, change of color(s), aggregate, edging, addition of a sink or cook top cutouts.

Production Scheduling

Production will start as soon as CCW has received all final drawings, fixtures, templates, deposit and all necessary paperwork. If you have items that are needed in a certain order, we will try to accommodate them. Please advise all requests in writing.

Delivery by CCW

CCW will do our best to estimate the time it will take for you to receive your order, and we make every reasonable effort to meet the estimated schedule. However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order on a specific date. Delays could be caused by previous jobs, material delays, labor delays, Acts of God or any other unforeseen cause. We will inform you of delays so that you may coordinate any resulting changes with other contractors’ schedules. Local deliveries are estimated for one shipment. If items need to be delivered separately, additional charges may apply.

Delivery by others

CCW is not responsible for coordinating deliveries unless included in our estimate(s) listed in this contract. All items will be shipped FOB (From Origin of Business) from our production facility on Lathrop Avenue in Racine, WI. CCW can not be held liable for damages that may occur during or after shipment.

Storage Charges

Finished production pieces which cannot be installed or delivered within 30 days of completion due to project delays must be paid in full or will be subject to a 1%/monthly storage charge. If items need to be stored for longer than 30 days they will be subject to a 1%/monthly storage charge.


CCW terms of sales supersedes any or all subcontractor subcontracts.

Return/Refund Policy

There will be no returns/refunds on purchase items except as specified in the warranty. All claims for possible defect or for any other reason must be made in writing prior to installation. If the items are used this constitutes acceptance. Under no circumstances will our liability exceed the purchase price of the product.

Payments are non-refundable. By making your payment you agree to the following Terms and Condition of Sale as specified here and in your invoice for payment. Remaining balance will be collected at time of installation, before shipping or pickup.

This agreement represents the terms and conditions in regards to the estimate(s) & invoice(s) listed in this contract. The party deemed at fault for any violation of these terms and conditions by any court or legal proceeding will pay all legal costs, including attorney’s fees. CustomCreteWerks Inc and the Customer Agree that this Contract shall be governed by the substantive laws of the State of Wisconsin out reference to conflict of law principals. All legal proceedings shall be conducted in the State of Wisconsin and the customer irrevocably consent to personal jurisdiction of such courts for such purposes.

These Terms and Conditions shall supersede and take priority over all customer purchase orders, customer contracts or any other written or oral communication between the parties.


CCW will provide technical advice for the lifetime of our products. We stand behind our products to provide a surface that will withstand normal countertop usage.

Please feel free to contact CCW any time, (262) 632-1300 or email at info@customcretewerks.com.


One-Year Structural Warranty – During the first year after installation, CCW at its sole discretion, shall repair or replace product if it fails to maintain functional structural integrity for the intended purpose of the product solely due to a manufacturing defect. This applies only to CCW products that have been handled, fabricated, installed and maintained in the manner recommended by CCW. Hairline fractures, surface scratches and chips are not included as part of this warranty, nor is structural damage caused by severe impacts or damage stemming from

loss of support and/or excessive deflections by the supporting cabinetry or hardware. CCW shall have sole and final right to determine whether a warranty claim is valid.

Five-Year Coating/Sealer Warranty – During the first five years after installation, CCW at its discretion, shall repair or replace sealer if it fails to maintain functional integrity for the intended purpose of the product solely due to a manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover damage to the sealer resulting from impacts, cuts, scrapes, hairline fractures, damage by harsh chemicals or intense heat. Cutting directly on the product or exposure to open flame voids the warranty. CCW shall have sole and final right to determine whether a warranty claim is valid.


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