Custom Concrete Bar Top

Our custom concrete bar tops bring the perfect marriage of beauty and function into your basement, outdoor living space, wet bar, or man cave. With unlimited design potential, a custom concrete bartop from us adds personality and value to your home. Tailor-made to complement any decor, concrete bar tops enhance the look and feel of contemporary, traditional, and rustic homes. Whether creating a space for everyday living or weekend entertaining, the design specialists at CustomCretewerks can make your vision a reality.

Beyond their design versatility, our concrete bars deliver superior strength, unmatched durability and worry-free maintenance. Our N-hansed™ process ensures that your concrete bar is resistant to common stains and spills, such as wine, ketchup, lemon juice, oils and even soda. Simply use a non-abrasive cleaner to wipe away spills and your bar will look new for years to come.

Let CustomCretewerks show you the undeniable beauty, design versatility, and effortless upkeep that can only be found with concrete.

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