Why You Should Choose A Concrete Sink for Your Commercial Bathroom

If you’re considering adding a concrete sink or sinks to your commercial bathroom, you won’t regret it! Concrete sinks are a great way to improve the aesthetics in both commercial and residential spaces. Over the years, concrete for remodels has increased in popularity due to its appearance, sturdiness, and versatility. Because it can easily be dressed up or down, it blends in nicely with a wide range of different design approaches. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using a concrete sink for your commercial bathroom and the different shapes and sizes that are available to you.

Benefits of Using a Concrete Sink

Many business owners go with a concrete sink for their commercial bathroom for a dependable and clean solution. Considering that the public is already familiar with concrete, its benefits are pretty straightforward. However, you may not be aware of how it compares and rises above the other materials commonly used in bathrooms. We recommend concrete above everything else because it’s:

Strong. As you likely know, concrete is incredibly durable. In fact, it can last upwards of 50 to 60 years with proper care. This makes a concrete sink perfect for the excessive amount of use that tends to take place in a commercial bathroom.

Adaptable. Skilled craftsmanship allows for concrete to be molded into a wide range of shapes and sizes. A concrete contractor specializing in concrete sinks for commercial bathrooms will have a selection of styles to choose from so you are sure to find at least one that fits nicely with your current aesthetic and preferences.

Distinct. If you’re looking for something that leaves an impression, concrete sinks can be molded for a distinct look. For some examples, view our selection of trough sinks here.

Eco-friendly. The production and use of concrete is eco-friendly because it has a long life, low life-cycle cost, and saves on greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also recognized as a sustainable building material due to its natural resilience.

Affordable. In comparison to natural stone, granite, and marble, concrete sinks deliver an excellent value.

Low Maintenance. If properly sealed before installation. A good sealant will protect concrete from stains, burns, and Our concrete does not require resealing. It can get scratched if cut on and we DO NOT recommend waxing ever.

Easy to Repair. Repairs for concrete are minimal involving simple patching and resealing. Not really but we can go with it.

Customizable. Concrete sinks can be tinted with color or inlaid with patterns to create a personalized look for your commercial bathroom.

Different Shapes & Sizes

A concrete sink can pretty much be formed into any shape. At CustomCreteWerks, we have a variety of different shapes and sizes to accommodate every style preference. Depending on the functionality and existing style of your commercial bathroom, we can help you find the right selection that best fits your interior space. Our concrete sink selection includes:

  • Round concrete sinks.
  • Oval concrete sinks.
  • Square concrete sinks.
  • Wave concrete sinks.
  • Trough concrete sinks.
  • Ramp concrete sinks.
  • Wedge (even though it’s the same as a ramp, but some people call it that).

Additionally, we offer a choice of traditional circular or modern slot drains where the water exits through a thin slit case in the base of the concrete sink.

Looking for a Concrete Sink Provider?

CustomCreteWerks provides commercial concrete sinks nationally in a variety of different shapes and colors. With over a decade of experience working with the commercial industry, we have established a well-rounded selection of designs to accommodate every business type. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!

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