Why More Commercial Buildings Are Moving Towards Concrete Trough Sinks for Bathrooms

There are numerous benefits to building with concrete. It has strength and design versatility and is a popular choice for a variety of interior design features in both residential and commercial spaces. Increasingly, you will see concrete as a feature in kitchens and bathrooms. As a company that provides services nationally, CustomCreteWerks has noticed that concrete trough sinks are becoming a hot option for commercial buildings. Read on to learn about concrete trough sinks and their many benefits.

Trough Sinks in Commercial Spaces

You have probably noticed a trough sink at your local brewery or cool little restaurant. They are the long sink basins shared by two or more faucets so customers, patrons, or clients (depending on the commercial space) can wash their hands at the same time with no separate dividers between sink basins. Depending on their design, concrete trough sinks can contribute to an industrial, modern, farmhouse, or even an artsy look. No matter what look you go for, trough sinks generally add an upscale yet down-to-earth appeal to any commercial bathroom space. Even while this sink style is rising in popularity, they remain a striking and bold choice for various commercial spaces. Concrete trough sinks are super stylish, eye-catching, and are an extremely durable and versatile choice.

Why Choose Concrete Trough Sinks

So what makes concrete trough sinks so durable and versatile? Well, concrete is a stronger, more cost-effective, and more adaptable material than other sink options, such as porcelain or stainless steel. This strength is particularly important in commercial spaces that are exposed to high volume daily use. Concrete is less likely to crack, chip, or even break due to repeated use or accidents. Additionally, concrete trough sinks require little maintenance when properly sealed and protected by a reputable concrete company. At ConcreteCreteWerks, we use a proprietary process to fully protect our concrete-constructed pieces. The sealant fills in porous holes in the concrete, making the sinks resistant to stains and easy to clean.

While being durable, resistant to stains, and easy to clean does contribute to cost savings over time, our concrete offers other long-term cost savings in the form of our five-year warranty for indoor products. That means we stand by our concrete trough sinks because we know they will last through years of high traffic use.

In addition to their strength and investment-worthy quality, concrete trough sinks offer an abundance of design versatility. Concrete is customizable for texture, shape, color, and general appearance. In fact, a concrete trough sink can be crafted to appear like other materials, including stone and marble. With the different color variations and styles available, the possibilities for customization and matching your business’s brand are endless. Check out the Worthington model for something really cool. Now imagine it in our Wild Berry color. That’s just one idea of how striking a concrete trough sink can be in your commercial space.

Additional Benefits of Concrete for Trough Sinks

Another benefit of concrete trough sinks for commercial buildings is the sanitary nature of sealed concrete. The sealant creates a sanitary barrier between the concrete and other organic substances it comes in contact with. Hence, sealed concrete used in trough sinks is easier to clean than most alternatives. Additionally, our concrete is heat resistant, which can be beneficial for preventing customers from burning themselves on the sink if too-hot water is run into it. Our concrete is also environmentally friendly due to our construction process that uses fewer original materials and water and more recycled content, making the concrete trough sinks, and other concrete constructions, lighter in weight than comparable products made by other companies.

Contact CustomCreteWerks for Concrete Trough Sinks

In summary, concrete trough sinks have risen in popularity in commercial spaces due to their stylish appeal, durability, and copious customizable design options. We can customize to your specifications and business’s needs to create a beautiful and durable concrete trough sink that will last for years to come. Contact us today for concrete trough sinks.

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