Why More Commercial Buildings are Choosing Outdoor Concrete Fixtures

If you’re looking for ways to enhance the curb appeal of your commercial building, consider the addition of outdoor concrete fixtures. A patio where people can enjoy the warm weather and fresh air is a great way to attract more visitors. In fact, a study done in North Carolina found that 70 percent of first-time sales are based on enriched curb appeal. Concrete can be molded into a variety of sturdy and long-lasting seating arrangements, tables, and fireplaces. Whether you choose to be minimalistic or add in some additional decorations, concrete is a modern and sleek decorative element. Keep reading to learn more about why more commercial buildings are choosing concrete outdoor fixtures.

Benefits of Having Exterior Seating Options

Expand Dining & Seating Space

Being busy should only be a good thing, never a problem. No one likes having to turn customers away simply because they can’t find a place to sit. Additional seating means room for more people to enjoy and invest in your business!

Attract More Customers and Employees

People passing by will automatically be drawn to your business simply because they see others enjoying what you have to offer. Outdoor seating often also gives people the opportunity to bring along their dog, adding another benefit that many of your competitors don’t offer.

Build a Unique Vibe

Outdoor concrete fixtures can be used to elevate your business’s atmosphere and overall vibe. No matter what type of crowd you’re looking to attract, concrete is a great baseline to build upon. You can recreate the same energy you have going on inside the building, or create a whole new unique one to give your guests more variety to choose from and broaden the appeal.

Make Cleaning Easy

Cleaning up outdoors is a much simpler process than indoors. Your staff won’t have to vacuum, and the need to sweep is generally minimal. Get rid of spills and grime quickly with a water hose or pressure washer. With outdoor concrete fixtures, you can use a pressure washer to clean the tables and chairs as well. This reduction in cleaning time allows employees to spend more time on getting things done elsewhere and makes it easier to maintain an appealing environment for your guests.

Additional Ways to Enhance Your Commercial Patio

Plants Flowers & Greenery

Welcome your guests to a lush garden sprinkled with stunning splashes of color by integrating flowerbeds and greenery. Pour concrete flower beds and add in a couple of trellises with floral vines to provide visitors with a taste of nature.

Add a Water Fountain as a Centerpiece

Water fountains are always a crowd-pleaser. They’re pleasant to look at, the sound of water flowing has a soothing effect, and they give your business something recognizable to be seen in photos posted on the internet.

Add Charm & Warmth with a Firepit & Lights

A firepit is another unique element that can’t be found just anywhere and keeps your patio comfortable even as the weather starts to cool down a bit. Add in some charming twinkle lights to attract the attention of those looking for somewhere to sit outdoors on a nice evening.

We Provide Outdoor Concrete Fixtures Nationally

CustomCreteWerks designs and manufactures various outdoor concrete fixtures on a national level. Because concrete is strong and stands up well to the elements, it can be utilized for patios in any season or region of the country. If you have an outdoor commercial area you’re looking to enhance with a patio, we have a number of solutions to offer. Choose from concrete tables, seating areas, kitchen spaces, fireplaces, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you enhance your outdoor commercial space!

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