Why Concrete Is Good For Outdoor Commercial Fixtures

At CustomCreteWerks, we design and construct a variety of outdoor commercial fixtures for businesses. These fixtures include outdoor concrete furniture, such as countertops and tables. We can also add a lovely and practical feature such as a concrete outdoor fireplace or a concrete outdoor sink. We use concrete as the primary material for all of these commercial outdoor fixtures due to the material’s durability, low maintenance requirements, and visual appeal.

Strength & Durability

First, concrete is an incredibly strong and durable substance, making it an excellent option for areas with inclement weather and high-traffic use. Concrete’s durability allows it to stand up to harsh weather conditions, avoiding the wear and tear that is common with many other material options. Additionally, it is resistant to moisture and corrosion, allowing it to withstand even the wettest seasons.

Generally, outdoor areas in commercial spaces are subject to relatively high traffic. Customers and employees frequently move through these areas and use the fixtures and furniture for activities like eating, drinking, and playing games. Additionally, permanent outdoor seating has become a standard for many businesses over the last few years. Concrete will easily handle this level of daily use, remaining intact and strong for many years to come.

Low Maintenance

In addition to its ability to withstand heavy daily use, concrete is also conveniently low maintenance. Concrete is generally a material that requires low-intensity maintenance and cleaning. However, CustomCreteWerks’ concrete takes that convenience a step further. We use a proprietary concrete treatment process to produce incredibly easy-to-clean and stain-proof concrete.

You will not have to worry about spilled wine or lemon juice staining your outdoor concrete tables and countertops. You also will not need to worry about heat damage from pots and serving dishes as our treatment process also leads to heat-resistant concrete. Even outside of food services, your outdoor furniture will stand up to daily use, only requiring the bare minimum cleaning routine.

Visual Appeal

Another reason to choose concrete for your business’s outdoor fixtures is the visual appeal it offers. Indeed, concrete does not have to be plain and gray (though sometimes that look is exactly right for the space!). Concrete makes for an attractive material option that is clearly sturdy and well-constructed in comparison to most alternatives.

When you work with CustomCreteWerks, you will have a variety of colors and visual patterns to choose from. You can select a design that harmonizes with your business’s overall design and branding or one that will make a bold statement. We can work with you to choose the best options for the space permeates and intended uses.

Choose CustomCreteWerks For Outdoor Commercial Fixtures

If you are ready to explore concrete options for your outdoor commercial fixtures, be sure to explore our inventory of concrete furniture and other items designed specifically for such spaces. You will be pleasantly surprised by their durability, low maintenance requirements, and visual appeal. Contact us today to request an estimate on any of our outdoor fixtures for commercial spaces.

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