Where to Order Commercial Wall Hung Sinks Online

It’s no secret that a wall hung sink can be a great addition to any space. At CustomCreteWerks, we specialize in concrete, and all of our wall hung sinks are carefully fabricated by hand. The elegant design of a wall hung sink adds visual flair and their timeless, durable material blends in seamlessly with numerous design choices, making them an ideal addition. In commercial spaces, it is particularly important to make a good impression. The addition of these sinks to your place of business will add value, beauty, and utility. No matter the type of facility, we have an option that will suit your needs, and all of our sinks are available to order online.

Perks of a Concrete Wall Hung Sink

Wall-hung sinks offer many perks, including but not limited to their unique style. Commercial restrooms are one of the most common places where the addition of wall-hung sinks can make an impact. Elevate this oft-neglected space and set yourself apart by incorporating striking design to your restrooms with wall-hung sinks. In addition to being striking centerpieces in your commercial facility, wall-hung sinks are also strong and maintain their beauty over time. In a commercial setting, hundreds of people may be enjoying your space every day, so it is important that your sinks stand the test of time. Our blend of concrete is lightweight yet strong, stain-proof, and cleans beautifully and easily. Lastly, wall-hung sinks, particularly our concrete models, are worth the investment. These durable sinks are both eco-friendly thanks to our special N-viroCrete™ process and offer a sturdy, space-saving, long-term design solution to your space.

Types of Wall Hung Sinks

At CustomCreteWerks, design is always on our minds. There are many different types of wall hung sinks to choose from, and each one brings its own unique tone and style to a space. Some examples of our standard designs include sloped ramp-style sinks, trough sinks, and wave designs, all of which add a touch of sleek, modern style wherever they are installed. We also work with classic round, oval, and square shapes to provide the perfect sink to fit your space needs and design intentions. Vessel sinks, which are raised above the countertop itself, are also a popular and eye-catching style that creates a fun, unexpected look.

Depending on the size of your space, the existing color and design scheme, and your personal preferences, we can also create something that will match your vision. Our custom wall-hung sink designs are always planned with the client in mind, keeping your purpose at the heart of our creative process. Every inch of your business should represent your ideals, branding, and style, and we are excited to help you show your guests the very best. Finally, we are also experts in making sure your new sinks are ADA compliant, ensuring that your facilities are accessible to all guests.

Concrete Sinks by CustomCreteWerks

Whether you’re at the outset of re-imagining your space or you’re in the midst of a redesign, we are your destination for ordering a commercial sink online. Browse our online shop to get a taste of the designs we offer, including a range of different tones and colors that bring out the modern beauty and unique textures of concrete material. We are ready to work with you when you need us, so reach out for a consultation today to get you on your way to achieving the look you desire for your space. Remember to turn to CustomCreteWerks for residential and commercial wall-hung sinks.

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