Where to Buy a Commercial Concrete Trough Sink

There are numerous considerations to make when purchasing a commercial concrete trough sink. CustomCreteWerks offers an array of options to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the color, texture, and design of your trough sink. The sky is truly the limit and we are excited to create a design specific to your needs so that you can achieve the wow factor you are seeking in your commercial space. We have numerous trough sinks that are available online and ready to order, or you can work with us on a custom project. When you choose CustomCreteWerks, whether you select a pre-existing or a custom design, you will be thrilled by the quality of craftsmanship that goes into our concrete sinks.  

Benefits of a Concrete Trough Sink

Concrete trough sinks are a popular style because they have a streamlined, seamless appearance that adds to their aesthetic appeal and usability. Trough sinks feature a single, elongated basin that is combined in one piece with the countertop surface that requires only a single drain. In a commercial setting, a concrete trough sink vanity is an asset for its sophisticated simplicity. In addition to offering the signature durability that concrete offers, these sinks add a unique, modern look to your commercial space that makes a necessary room like a restroom stand out for its style and attention to detail, elevating the space and enhancing the experience of your clients or guests. A concrete trough bathroom sink has the added benefit of a basin that is much larger than a traditional line of sinks with counter space in between them. This ensures that your restroom will stay cleaner and tidier with less space for standing water or rubbish to accumulate between individual basins.

When you do need to clean, concrete trough sinks are also easy to care for. This is a perk when you know that your sink will be getting used frequently throughout the day. After nearly twenty years in the business, none of our sinks have needed to be replaced, a testament to their quality and durability. In addition to being stain-proof, you don’t need special products to clean your concrete sink; typical cleaning products will do an excellent job alongside the addition of a yearly layer of sealant on high-use areas.

Concrete Trough Sink Accessibility

One of the most important elements of any space is its accessibility. A commercial concrete trough sink in a public place of business must adhere to all accessibility standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prevents discrimination by ensuring that any employee, customer, or member of the public with a recognized disability can easily use the space. An ADA concrete trough sink will allow users with disabilities ease of access. At CustomCreteWerks, we are experts at making sure that the beautiful spaces we help create are usable for everyone. We know the ADA guidelines you will need to follow when designing or redesigning your space, and install all our sinks according to these important specifications. 

Choose CustomCreteWerks for Your Commercial Concrete Trough Sink

From sloped ramp-style basins to whimsical wave designs, a commercial concrete trough sink from CustomCreteWerks will elevate your commercial space. By working with you to consider even the smallest details, we will help you achieve your design goals and make sure that we maintain the consistency of your brand through our work. Need inspiration? Check out our concrete trough sink options here. It is our passion to work alongside our clients to create a memorable, modern space, so contact us today to get a quote and take the design or redesign of your commercial space to the next level with a concrete trough sink!

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