What is the Best Size to Use for Commercial Bathroom Sinks

No matter what type of business you own, you may be considering adding or renovating a bathroom for customer and/or employee use. You will surely face many choices along the way, including a design style and what fixtures to include. One feature that will for sure be included is at least one sink. But there are so many styles and sizes of sinks that even this choice can start to feel overwhelming. Focusing on the best size for your commercial bathroom sinks will actually help you make a number of other choices about the design and layout of the space. CustomCreteWerks will walk you through the questions to consider when choosing commercial restroom sinks.

Size Of The Space

When choosing a sink, or multiple sinks, for your commercial bathroom the first factor you should consider is the overall size of the space. Are you going to have a small single-use bathroom, a large one with multiple stalls, or something in between? In a smaller space, you likely will want only one sink, perhaps one with a small vanity attached. And with multiple stalls, it is generally best to have more than one sink installed so people are not waiting to wash their hands. Most codes require 1 sink per 2 toilets or urinals.

Of course, part of the sizing question should also be considerations about the type of business you are running. Is it a restaurant where you want people to feel comfortable using the restroom at their convenience? Is it instead a retail space where you want to offer restroom accommodations but not make it too inviting for non-paying customers? Alternatively, is it a showroom-type business where customers come in but will not expect anything fancy from any restroom space?

Sink Type & Shape

Once you have a general idea of the type of commercial bathroom space you want to cultivate, you can consider a variety of sink types and shapes. There are of course the usual oval, rectangular, and square basins to choose from. Additionally, you can select wall-hung sinks for maximum space-saving, a pedestal for a classic look, a vanity-sink combo for some additional elbow room, a tough sink in which one basin shares multiple faucets, or some combination of these types. When considering the type of sink, be sure also to review ADA-compliance guidelines.

The Number Of Faucets

Finally, be sure to take inventory of the number of faucets you want to include. This consideration will of course tie into the issue of what type of sink to choose. A trough sink offers a great option for a bathroom calling for two or three faucets. However, if you decide to feature even more faucets in a high-traffic business, you may choose multiple separate basins, each with its own faucet.

Contact CustomCreteWerks To Learn More About Commercial Bathroom Sinks

As you can see, there is not one easy answer to the question of what is the best size for commercial bathroom sinks. Instead, you will want to take into consideration the size of the bathroom, the types of sinks you might want to include, and the ideal number of faucets for your specific business. Your primary goal for a commercial bathroom renovation should always be what makes the most sense for the purpose of the space and the people who will be using it. No matter what style and size you choose, CustomCreteWerks has the right sink for your business or we will custom-design one for you. Request an estimate on our sink design and installation today!

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