What Are The Main Differences Between Concrete Sinks vs Granite Sinks

One of the typical dilemmas business owners face when designing a commercial space is whether to go with commercial sinks vs granite sinks. This is greatly due to the fact that both materials are so commonly used by a wide range of industries based on their comparable benefits. However, when you really start to dissect the differences between them, the choice is no longer a difficult one. At the end of the day, concrete sinks are the most affordable, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and flexible solution.

You may be thinking, ‘well of course they would say that, concrete is what they do.’ There are many dependable and proven reasons why we so confidently stand behind concrete as the best material for commercial sinks. To explain ourselves better, here are some main comparisons of concrete sinks vs granite sinks.

Comparing the Two

The material you use for your commercial sink contributes highly to its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Deciding on whether it’s best to install concrete sinks vs granite sinks can greatly depend on where your priorities lie. However, concrete tends to appeal to a wider selection of businesses across the globe. Here’s why.


One of the first things people look at is price, and understandably so. It’s important to make sure your choice fits within your budget while also continuing to remain the most affordable solution in the long run. Good quality concrete sinks are bound to be the more expensive option in terms of material. However, the installation and maintenance expenses will vary greatly in comparison with granite and depending on the installer.


Because granite is a natural stone, each piece is unique and will always have some variation in both color and pattern. This will provide you with limited color and pattern options, making it difficult to customize based on unique preferences. Concrete is made with a mixture of cement and aggregate that is then polished to a smooth surface, easily modified with colors and shapes.


Both materials will need to be installed by a professional contractor because they require special equipment and are very heavy to handle. The lifespan and overall aesthetic effect of both materials will depend on how experienced and dedicated the company is that you hire.


Both granite sinks and concrete sinks can maintain their integrity with minimal need for maintenance when sealed correctly. Because both materials are porous, when not appropriately sealed, little cracks can develop.

Heat Resistance

Of all of the materials used to build commercial sinks, granite and concrete are the most heat resistant. However, this is also an area this is heavily dependent on the type of sealant used. If your commercial sink provider does not use the right sealant, both materials will respond poorly to hot objects being placed on them. At CustomCreteWerks, we prioritize heat protectiveness to ensure that our concrete sinks can be utilized in commercial bars and restaurants where hot items are a regular occurrence.

Environmental Impact

When it comes to the environmental impact of concrete sinks vs granite sinks, they both have a relatively large carbon footprint. However, because concrete can be reused and recycled and won’t lose its integrity when properly sealed, it is considered the more eco-friendly option.

Outdoor Capabilities

Granite sinks have a higher tendency to crack when installed in an outdoor environment with very cold winter temperatures. Adversely, concrete can withstand the freezing cold when sealing is done correctly.

More On Why We Recommend Concrete Sinks vs Granite Sinks

Concrete Sinks

  • When you hire an exceptional concrete provider you will be able to choose from a wider selection of styles and molds than if you were to go with granite.
  • Concrete is so malleable that it can be molded into any shape and the edges and tops are easily curved to your style preference.
  • When sealed correctly, concrete is an incredibly durable material.
  • It is rare for concrete to crack.
  • Concrete often weighs less than granite and can be shipped easily.

Granite Sinks

  • Granite will scratch if you slide heavy items across the top of its surface.
  • It does not respond well to heat and may stain when hot items are set on it.
  • Good quality granite is expensive, and the more affordable options have become used so much that it’s hard to find a granite sink that is unique.
  • It is difficult to make an integral sink out of granite material.
  • It is costly and difficult to ship granite due to its weight.

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As you can see, when comparing concrete sinks vs granite sinks, that aren’t too many things that set these materials apart. When it comes down to it, the dependability of the material you choose heavily depends on the provider and their ability to seal it correctly. At CustomeCreteWerks, we take pride in our eco-friendly, heat-resistant concrete sealant practices. Every customer and their unique need is considered to provide a long-lasting and low-maintenance commercial sink that is also pleasing to the eye.

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