Trough Sinks for Commercial Bathrooms

Trough sinks have become an increasingly popular go-to for both residential and commercial bathrooms. This is partly due to their sturdy structure, but also because they have a sleek, luxurious appearance. Never heard of this specific type of sink before? A trough sink design refers to a large basin sink that can have two or more faucets incorporated using various styles and materials. The effect is seamless and sleek, achieved by careful fabrication and craftsmanship.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of trough sinks for commercial bathrooms and what we offer here at CustomCreteWerks.

Popular Types & Attributes

CustomCreteWerks has a wide variety of different types of trough sinks for commercial bathrooms. While this is their most common use, they also look great in bars, restaurants, and anywhere else you’re looking to install your sink. Choose the style you like best along with the option of having a traditional circular drain or a modern slot where the water escapes. Our different types of trough sinks include:

  • Ashland: oval-shaped sink in 36”.
  • Bernstein: rectangular-shaped sink in 48”.
  • Burkhart: rectangular-shaped sink in 48”.
  • Craftsman: rounded rectangular-shaped sink in 48”.
  • Hamelton: slim rectangular-shaped sink in 48”.
  • Lofton: slanted rectangular-shaped sink in 48”.
  • Stockton: rectangular-shaped wedge sink in 40”, 48”, 52”, 60”, and 72”.
  • Thurston: gradient rectangular-shaped sink in 48”.
  • Worthington: wavy rectangular-shaped sink in 48”.

Click here to view pictures of our different types of trough sinks for commercial bathrooms!

Our Concrete

Some may worry that concrete is easily scratched or stained and wonder if it’s the best material to invest in. When you combine our trough sinks for commercial bathrooms with our propriety N-hansed™ sealing process, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of damages. It’s stain-proof, easy to clean, heat resistant, and comes with a 5-year warranty on indoor products. It also provides a more sustainably driven solution for companies that have made it a priority to commit to green initiatives.

Our concrete’s eco-friendly N-virocrete process advantages include:

  • 72.5% less aggregate.
  • 45% less cement.
  • 20% more recycled content.
  • 52.3% less water consumption.
  • 60.7% lighter material.

Contact Us for Trough Sinks for Commercial Bathrooms

CustomCreteWerks provides trough sinks for commercial bathrooms for businesses of all types nationwide. Whether you’re looking for something more unique, or just a clean and simple option, our selection is sure to consist of something you like.

Reach out today to discuss your inquiry and learn more about our products and services!

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