The Best Styles to Use for a Concrete Bathroom Sink

Concrete is a material that adds sophistication to any space, including bathrooms. A concrete bathroom sink will elevate the look of your space and also come in a wide variety of styles to match your personal taste. The best style is the one that you love for both its functionality and appearance, and CustomCreteWerks is here to help you make the choice with a quick guide to some of the best concrete bathroom sink styles.

Concrete Bathroom Sink Styles

There are numerous styles to choose from when considering how to incorporate a concrete bathroom sink into your home or place of business. Our modern concrete bathroom sinks come in an array of shapes and colors, and we can even create a custom design just for you. No matter what, a concrete sink will stand out for its elegance and utility.


Trough Sink

A trough sink is distinctive from other styles for its signature elongated basin that can accommodate multiple faucets. These sinks are admired for their extra large size and efficiency—they usually only require one drain, even with multiple faucets.

Ramp Sink

The ramp sink style can be incorporated in an individual or trough basin. A ramp sink defies expectations with its geometric edges and unique sloped design that allows water to cascade down a flat plane toward the drain.

Wave Sink

In contrast to the straight lines of a ramp sink, wave sinks feature elegant curved lines. This design achieves the perfect balance by being both sleek and playful.

Vessel Sink

A vessel sink makes a statement because it is almost sculptural in nature. Vessel sinks sit above the countertop and can thus be striking and decorative in any space.

Classic Round Sink

You can’t go wrong with a classic round or oval basin. We make concrete bathroom sinks of any shape or style, including these classics, because we know that the quality and beauty of the material sets it apart no matter what form it takes.

Additionally, wall-hung sinks are a broader category of sink that can adhere to a number of styles above. A wall-hung sink is attached directly to a wall without a supporting structure. They are a great space-saver and create a clean look. In contrast, pedestal sinks sit on top of a support structure that usually contains the plumbing that is connected to the sink.

Residential & Commercial Settings

Concrete bathroom sinks are ideal in both residential and commercial settings because of their stylishness and durability. You get the best of both worlds when you choose a bathroom vanity with a concrete sink, no matter the location. Bathroom sink concrete is made of the same eco-friendly, stain-proof, and durable material that we use for all of our concrete creations, so you know that you are getting the best quality materials when you invest in a concrete sink for your residential or commercial space.


Incorporating concrete into your residential bathroom is an excellent way to add a modern yet timeless feature that will add to your home’s value in the long term and increase your enjoyment of the space. Your bathroom should feel like your own private oasis in your home, and a sleek look with your choice of style and color will add a luxurious feel to this space. Concrete color choices from CustomCrekeWerks range from classic and cool gray tones to rich creamy whites, earth tones, and more. Create the serene bathroom you’ve been dreaming of with a handmade concrete sink.


The durability and stylish look of concrete bathroom sinks make them a wonderful option in commercial restrooms as well. Whether you choose a trough sink with one big basin or a wall-hung sink with a series of individual basins, our cast concrete sinks can be customized for any space with high traffic in which you need multiple faucets. We even offer integral sinks that include both basins and countertops in one piece, which creates a seamless and professional look. Make sure your commercial bathroom is an enjoyable and on-brand extension of the style you are known for by adding an eye-catching concrete sink bathroom.

At CustomCreteWerks, We Have An Eye For Style

At CustomeCreteWerks, we care about both the functionality and the style of your home or commercial space. This is what sets us apart from the competition. We know that whether you are enjoying a concrete bathroom sink in your private residence or making plans to upgrade or redesign your business that the right style makes all the difference. View all of our custom sink styles here to explore what CustomCreteWerks can create for you.

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