Is a Trough Sink Right For Your Bathroom?

Whether you want to add a modern look to your bathroom or prefer more traditional styles, the professionals at CustomCreteWerks, Inc. can help create the perfect solution for you. When you want a sophisticated alternative that far surpasses “off the shelf” options from a home improvement store, look to concrete for design versatility, strength, and return on investment. Whether you want trough or another style integral sink, it will be sure to add functionality and style to your interior space.

What Are Trough Sinks?

Trough sinks are a stylish and practical addition to modern bathrooms. They are large sink basins that feature dual or multiple wash stations. Trough sinks can either be wall-mounted, resting on countertops, or integrated into the countertops for a seamless look with the faucets also deck or wall-mounted. Integrated trough sinks, in which the countertop and sink basin are one seamless object, can also be more hygienic. As they are free of seams and crevices making them easier to clean and less prone to bacterial build-up.

Trough sinks can be placed on a bathroom cabinet or be wall-mounted and used to create a functional centerpiece in your home or commercial washroom. Because it’s possible to include multiple wash stations over one basin, trough sinks are incredibly space-efficient too.

Why Choose a Trough Sink for your Bathroom?

Advantages of Our Trough Bathroom Sinks:

  • Our Trough Sinks are easy to maintain
  • Trough Sinks are visually appealing and easily customizable
  • A rich variety of models and options

Our Trough Sinks Are Easy To Maintain

Not all concrete sinks are easy to maintain, but a big advantage of CustomCreteWerks trough sinks is that ours make necessary surface maintenance more simple than the competition. Our counters can be cleaned with standard off-the-shelf products, while others may need a variety of supplies and cleaning techniques to have them look as good as new.

Because of our trough sink’s sleek, rectangular shape, the maintenance process is simplified, with fewer gaps to wipe down. Trough sinks have long been favored by designers due to the ease of installing one basin, which is also more economical. The trough shape simplifies the cleaning process. Our trough sinks in particular are designed for quick and easy wipe-downs.

Good Looks

Looks matter and personality goes a long way. Trough sinks have a dynamic duo of looks and personality. Encountering a trough sink is a novelty that can make something as ordinary as washing your hands seem like an experience. The trough sink is not a fad, the look of the modern trough sinks now makes them welcome in office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and the most important location of all: your home.

Contact the Custom Trough Sink Experts

Based in Racine, WI CustomCreteWerks, Inc. approach each project with enthusiasm, offering personalized service that ensures outstanding results. Whether you desire custom concrete kitchen counters or want a concrete trough bathroom sink, you’re sure to love the final product for many years to come. If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality in your home, office, or commercial space. Concrete sinks offer an upscale appearance that embraces the finest in home design.

We strongly support sustainable development and use a proprietary technology called N-viroCrete™, an eco-friendly production process that reduces material consumption and waste. Plus our N-hansed™ treated surfaces are stain-proof and very easy to clean. Whether you want a unique concrete sink, exceptional concrete bar tops, or a breathtaking concrete fireplace surround, contact us today. Contact us: we are confident we will surpass your expectations.

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