How Concrete Trough Bathroom Sinks Can Transform Your Commercial Building

The style and design of a commercial space can have a profound effect on customers’ or clients’ perception of a business. This is true whether we’re talking about the interior of a restaurant or an office building. And one of the spaces that visitors to an establishment may scrutinize more than any other is the bathroom. Use that knowledge to your advantage when designing or redesigning a commercial bathroom. Select unique materials that complement the business’s overall design aesthetic without sacrificing durability. Choose concrete trough bathroom sinks to beautifully transform your commercial building.

Concrete trough sinks are a type of long, rectangular sink that is cast as one piece along with the countertop and feature multiple faucets that share one basin. These concrete sinks have continued to rise in popularity over the last several years due to their various design options, their impressive durability, and their convenience.

Style & Durability Upgrade

Concrete trough sinks are a stylish and durable bathroom design option, especially for a commercial building. They can be colored and shaped in a variety of combinations to create something unique that either updates or emphasizes the business’s design aesthetic. Various colored concrete options allow you to choose from warmer or cooler colors and patterns depending on the mood you want to establish. Shape options include a sloped design that leads to a uniform slot drain; another unique shape design is a wave pattern that mimics the peaceful movement of ocean water.

Concrete is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials for interior construction. However, it is important to choose a concrete company that uses advanced processes to protect the concrete from stains, heat, and cracking. CustomCreteWerks does just that with our proprietary N-Hansed™ Stain-Proof process that guarantees you’re choosing industry-leading concrete that can stand-up to heavy everyday use.

Improve Comfort & Convenience

In addition to upgrading interior design style with a durable product, concrete trough bathroom sinks can also improve the comfort and convenience of your business’s space. One of the primary considerations when designing a commercial bathroom should be the number of people who will use the bathroom at any given time.

When it comes to larger bathrooms, you can wall mount the appropriate number of faucets and just one or two troughs instead of various basins and vanities. To this point, make sure to refer to ADA guidelines for bathrooms to ensure the faucets have proper spacing to be compliant.

CustomCreteWerks Has Concrete Trough Bathroom Sinks For Your Business

As more businesses choose concrete sinks, we think this is one bandwagon you’ll want to jump on. Their popularity is based on more than their stylishness, and they’re proving to be a trend with staying power that offers durability and convenience. Let’s get started designing your custom concrete trough bathroom sinks today!

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