6 Benefits of Using Concrete for Commercial Bars

Most commercial bars use concrete counters because of their appearance and durability. Commercial concrete is viewed as an enhancement to any business, including restaurants, retail stores, and industrial buildings. The sleek look, integral functionality, and affordability make concrete a great solution for any level of business. If you’re looking for a custom-made bar for your establishment, we can help. Here are the benefits of using concrete for commercial bars and what makes our concrete special.

The Benefits of Using Concrete for Commercial Bars

1. Affordability

When comparing concrete with other building materials, concrete is generally more economical and affordable. It can reduce cooling and heating requirements up to 29%, making it a go-to for those concerned with energy efficiency for budget purposes.

2. Eco-friendly

Concrete’s energy-efficient qualities also make it a great sustainable and eco-friendly material for commercial bars. It is recyclable and can be mined with minimal environmental impact, making the use of concrete easy on the planet from start to finish.

3. Strength and Durability

Concrete is practically indestructible. When paired with a good sealant, you can even set extremely hot items fresh from the oven directly onto the surface without worrying about burn marks. Efficient cleaning methods will greatly reduce any risks of stain or damage.

4. Fire Resistance

In addition to handling heat well, concrete can withstand potential fires without becoming engulfed in flames. Therefore commercial concrete is very effective as a barrier for unexpected, accidental fires. Because the flames will not be encouraged to spread when coming in contact with the concrete, losses, and damages that usually result from such an emergency will be minimized.

5. Customizable

There are very few limitations to the shapes and sizes of commercial bars made from concrete. Have your bar specifically shaped to fit into any unique space within your establishment. Have questions about a specific space you need a custom concrete bar made for? We can help! A member of our team will take a look at your blueprints or drawings and access the space to make sure you are getting the best design for your setup possible.

6. Stylish & Unique Appearance

Though concrete is gaining popularity for commercial bars, it will still give your space a unique and stylish flair. The sleek, smooth appearance combined with the ability to customize its shape allows you to wow your customers without breaking the bank.

We Build Custom Commercial Bars

There are many materials you can use to build commercial bar tops, but concrete is by far the most beneficial. The smooth, clean surface and ability to withstand years of spills with no compromise to the quality of appearance alone makes concrete a choice you won’t regret.

At CustomCreteWerks, we build custom commercial bar tops using top-of-the-line concrete that is virtually unmatched in our industry. With the addition of our N-hansed Stain-Proof process, you get all of the benefits above and a bar that stays looking brand new for years.

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