3 Ways Outdoor Concrete Tables Can Upgrade Your Commercial Space

Does your commercial business feature an underutilized outdoor space? Empty or sparse outdoor areas are a surprisingly frequent missed opportunity for increasing the usable space of a restaurant or other types of commercial establishments. If you are ready to take your outdoor game to the next level, consider choosing outdoor concrete tables and other outdoor concrete furnishings for their durability and versatility. CustomCreteWerks is here to explain three of the primary benefits of choosing concrete furnishings. 

Outdoor Concrete Tables Allow You To Expand Your Usable Space

The most simple way that outdoor concrete tables and other furniture can upgrade your overall commercial space is by allowing you to expand the usable area for either customers or employees. When it comes to accommodating customers in a restaurant setting, outdoor dining space can drastically increase the number of customers you can accommodate at any given time. And when it comes to adding an outdoor area for employees in an office setting, you are making a commitment to employee satisfaction and improving morale. The outdoor area might be used for special events, award ceremonies, or simply as an alternative meeting space to be enjoyed on nice days. 

Outdoor Concrete Tables Are Highly Durable

Like all of our other concrete products and furnishings, CustomCreteWerks’ outdoor concrete tables are highly durable and long-lasting. We use two proprietary processes to make our tables both high-quality and eco-friendly. These processes lead to a stain-proof, heat-resistant, and easy-to-clean concrete table. You will not have to worry about damage from frequent use or interactions with multiple customers or employees. A simple wipe-down or spray with a hose will often do the trick.

As for being environmentally friendly, we use 45% less cement and 52.3 less water than the average competitor to produce our concrete. That means you are not only making a smart choice for your business but also for the planet. 

These Outdoor Tables Are Very Versatile

In addition to being highly durable and long-lasting, our outdoor concrete tables are also very versatile in terms of intended uses and styles. You might choose a counter-like table for an outdoor bar, picnic table-style resting areas, a concrete coffee table with cozy chairs all around it, several fixed dining tables, or something else. We have even designed conference tables that encircle an open area for talks or cooking, depending on the occasion. 

You can also choose something visually unique and complementary to your business’s overall aesthetic. While the choice of shapes and sizes will be one way to achieve this, you can also choose from a variety of colors for your concrete tables and other outdoor furnishings. No need to stick with traditional gray. Instead, you can mix it up with black stone, coconut husk, wheat grass, or even acid wash!

Explore Custom Crete Werks Outdoor Concrete Options 

There are many reasons you might consider adding outdoor concrete tables and other furnishings to commercial spaces and for a variety of purposes. They can be used in entry areas of commercial spaces for a welcoming feel. They can be added to outdoor areas of office buildings to provide a space for employees to congregate and socialize during breaks and after hours. The possibilities are endless! To see what all we have to offer and for some inspiration, explore our outdoor concrete options.

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