3 Ways A Concrete Trough Sink Stands Out From Other Styles

Why has concrete for interior design shot up in popularity over the last several years? After all, some among you may still associate concrete with less elegant things like sidewalks and garage floors. But, concrete has long been used in aspects of interior design, and it is currently in high demand among decorators and renovators. It not only matches other current trends and timeless looks, like gray-tone vinyl plank flooring and stainless steel appliances, but it also offers superior durability and a touch of modern sophistication. A concrete trough sink is one way to prominently feature this material in your home and show off your design sense.

Modern Nod To A Vintage Style

Though concrete trough sinks are usually placed on the modern end of the design spectrum, they are actually callbacks to a vintage style. Trough-style sinks were traditionally made with materials like cast iron and were common in the industrial era, first appearing in the 1880s. Some houses and older commercial buildings still feature this style and with the reassurance of farmhouse style, they became quite stylish again in the last couple of decades.

Concrete trough sinks are a modern take on this charming and classic yet hearty design. So, when you choose this sink style, you become part of a long tradition in building and interior design while also emphasizing modern aesthetics.

Superior Utility & Function

In addition to their appeal to style, concrete trough sinks also offer superior utility and function in homes and businesses. Because of their communal design, requiring only a single basin for multiple faucets, they make smart use of both larger and smaller spaces. They allow for more people to comfortably utilize the washing area at one time, a notable benefit in commercial spaces such as restaurant kitchens and bathrooms. You can also imagine what convenience and luxury they might add as en-suite bathroom sinks, alongside a concrete vanity top, or in a bustling home kitchen with multiple family cooks.

When the concrete is treated and sealed properly, you can expect your trough sink to last for many years and be easy to clean. Unlike other styles of sinks, you’ll be able to avoid scratches, stains, and cracking with simple care. Cleaning will be a simple matter of applying a non-abrasive household cleaner at your convenience.

Options For Customization

Concrete sinks can be customized for color and shape, offering a lot more room for expression than other sink materials. At CustomCreteWerks, this is one of our favorite aspects of concrete trough sinks. We offer many striking colors and styles for you to choose from.

You might pick something understated for a home bathroom, like a pale blue. Or you might choose a rustic red (another of our favorites!) to create a warm Tuscan feel in your Italian-inspired kitchen. The options are endless and can help you either emphasize an aesthetic or establish one with your new custom concrete trough sink as the focal point.

A Concrete Trough Sink Is Just Plain Cool!

If you add a concrete trough sink to your home or business, don’t be surprised if people notice! You will likely hear compliments on the choice because they’re so visually unique and appealing. At Custom Crete Werks, we build custom concrete trough sinks for clients across the country and start every project with a free consultation to discuss your space and style and offer suggestions. Go ahead and take a look at our gallery of sink design options for some inspiration!

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