Restroom-Ramp-SinkRamp Sinks?

Undemanding. Zen-like. Tranquil. These terms may bring to mind natural features like rolling brooks or majestic waterfalls. Wouldn’t you like guests to use these terms to describe the atmosphere of your home?

Ramp sinks bring a new dimension of ease to vanity and countertop design. With sleek lines and effortless water flow options, ramp sinks are a modern choice for your home.

Choose a slot drain and your guests will be impressed by the look, feel and functionality of your bathroom sink like our Gates and Winthrop styles. You can choose from a variety of styles and make them your own by selecting the color and edge of the versatile concrete.

Want to update a wet bar? Whether it’s for an indoor gathering space or an integrated outdoor concrete countertop, the Braxton model provides a stylish design element to your home. The size is perfect for your needs.

Large ramp sinks or double ramp sinks provide an elegant look to commercial bathrooms. Where multiple users require a surface that is easy to clean, our proprietary N-hansed™ process allows you to have a sink that will last a lifetime. Our Stockton model is a popular choice for commercial bathrooms.

Invite design and durability to your home with a ramp sink.