Maintenance for Countertops

Proper care and cleaning of CustomCreteWerks concrete countertops will help extend their long lifespan and keep them looking wonderful for decades. CustomCreteWerks, Inc. uses a proprietary N-hansedTM treatment process making our countertops easy to clean, stain-proof and heat resistant. The best part of having CustomCreteWerks concrete countertop is that they don’t require much maintenance to keep them looking brand new.

Caring For Our Countertops

N-hansed-Stainproof-Concrete-CountertopsCleaning CustomCreteWerks countertops can be done with a large variety of regular household cleaners. Virtually any non-abrasive household cleaner will work including soap and water, 409, bleach and water, pH balanced wipes and concrete specific cleaning products. The only real rule is to not use an abrasive cleaner since that could harm the concrete sealer.

Spills happen to everyone, but our clients don’t have to panic and rush to clean up the mess. Our concrete countertops are treated with a special sealer so common foods like ketchup, red wine and citrus won’t affect the concrete.

Along with being stain resistant, CustomCreteWerks, Inc. countertops are durable to heat and won’t get ruined by hot cooking utensils. You don’t have to bother using hot pads or installing trivets since our concrete will be able to handle the high temperatures of your cookware.

No Need For Resealing

For many concrete countertops, proper maintenance includes resealing every few years. Resealing is one thing you will never have to worry about with our countertops. We will even give you a 5 year warranty on indoor products to prove our sealer won’t lose it’s magic touch.

For outdoor countertops we recommend them to be resealed once a year since they take more of a beating than indoor countertops. Additionally, outdoor countertops should be covered when not in use, especially during the winter and summer because concrete expands and shrinks in the heat and cold. You can use something as simple as a tarp to cover your counter.

There are a few things to keep in mind in the first days of owning a CustomCreteWerks countertop.

Caring for DIY Concrete Countertops

DIY countertops may seem like a fun project to upgrade your kitchen but the maintenance they require could end up costing more than you anticipated. Concrete is a hard-wearing surface for countertops, but it’s extremely absorbent without a good seal. When countertops are not properly sealed, it can allow water or any spill to easily leak through the surface causing cracks, bubbles and even stains.

With DIY concrete spills need to be cleaned up as soon as possible, especially if the spill is acidic, since the sealer is only buying you time. Even a few minutes of exposure could cause a stain, leaving your beautiful concrete looking worn and dated. Not only do you need to be wary of spills, but most DIY concrete countertops need to be resealed every 1-3 years, which is a pain and costly.

No More Worries

Caring and cleaning for your concrete is a breeze when your purchase counters from CustomCreteWerks. Our N-hansedTM treatment makes CustomCreteWerks’ countertops the easiest to manage without sacrificing design and beauty. If you’re looking for a great countertop without the hassle don’t hesitate to contact us.