There it is. You see it. The sun seems to shine directly on to the gleaming surface. It’s your grilling station built with CustomCreteWerks concrete countertops made with the strength, durability and style to handle anything you are about to grill.

You know the basics of meat plus heat equals deliciousness. However, you’re not a neanderthal. You are creating a meal fit for backyard royalty. Your grilling station should reflect your grilling prowess.

Concrete is naturally strong and flexible making it a desirable outdoor kitchen surface. With our proprietary N-hansed™ surface, it is also easy to clean with common, non-abrasive household cleaners. This makes your grilling a cinch from first flame to last bite.

The grilling technique is up to you. Let CustomCreteWerks take care of the rest.

Check out our island grill station featured on Yard Crashers.

Yard Crashers Grill Station

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