Bathroom Renovation Solution?

Creating your dream bathroom is really easy in your mind. You can visualize the new countertop, sink and cabinets all from the perspective of a relaxing bath in your new tub. It’s easy to imagine having elbow room while brushing your teeth or hiding your garbage can from guests. The dream is easy. Making it a reality is trickier.

There’s a million little complications you can’t think of; ripping up your perfect dream. Old pipes may need to be replaced or you could find water damage. Plans will change. That much is inevitable. Some problems are unavoidable. Others are completely avoidable. Here is one easy way to get a sink within your budget that looks great and fits your needs.

You’ve designed your dream master bathroom in your mind. You can visualize the new, spacious countertop and cabinets with room for all your essentials. You can see the luxurious space around your new sink and vanity, all from the perspective of a relaxing bubble bath in your new tub. But, sometimes it’s what you can’t see that can quickly dash your master bathroom design dreams.

Once you start your renovation and your old bathroom walls are opened, you may find you’ve got a problem. Perhaps it’s old pipes that need to be replaced, or it’s water damage. Or perhaps you realize that you only have one drain pipe servicing your bathroom, hampering your design options, limiting your usable space and throwing a wrench into your budget. Or does it?

One Pipe? No Problem!

You might think your vision of a beautifully renovated bathroom is dashed, due to the one pipe situation. However, there is a cost-effective solution that means no ripping the guts out of your bathroom and no repiping.

Trough It Out

Bathroom trough SinkA trough sink gives you the flexibility needed to add sink space and multiple faucets with only one pipe. By splitting your water line and having only one drain you can solve your one pipe dilemma. You’ll have the extra space you envisioned for your master bathroom without a major renovation.

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