Avoiding Seams in Countertops

Granite, marble or quartz countertop seams are like pimples. Pimples happen, even if you’re careful. Some countertop seams, like breakouts, are worse than others, but most can be hidden or avoided with preparation. Still, when you have a countertop seam or a pimple: No one will notice it more than you. And it will drive you mad.

The Downside of Granite, Marble & Quartz

Granite Counter with Seam


The quickest way to derail a beautiful granite, marble or quartz countertop is with a seam. Seams are unattractive, which is a great reason to hide them. Seams can also crack and break if the countertop experiences stress. Then they become not only unattractive, but also ineffective.

Seams are virtually unavoidable when using granite, marble or quartz for kitchen countertops. These stones are cut in slabs and will need seams to form L shapes or complex designs. Often the face or pattern of the stones will not align at the seam, highlighting the blemish in the countertop.

If you have your heart set on a granite, marble or quartz countertop, hiding and avoiding seams is an important factor to consider before purchasing a countertop. At the very least, seams need to be strategically placed and designed so they aren’t an eyesore. There’s no worse feeling than getting a brand new countertop and you can’t stop looking at the seam. Many of these issues can be avoided. Start by discussing the seams with your countertop designer, installer or manufacturer.

Or, eliminate the problem entirely by installing a seamless concrete countertop.

Seam-Free Concrete Countertops

Seamless Concrete Countertop
Luckily, with concrete, seams can be avoided most of the time. More often than not countertops from CustomCreteWerks, Inc. are cast as one piece. Meaning your countertop is completely seamless!

Concrete can be molded into complex shapes and designs which other stones cannot. This flexibility maximizes the attractiveness of your countertops, without involving a single seam.

CustomCreteWerks, Inc. will template projects within 100 miles of our facilities in Racine, WI. We can even cast a sink right into the countertop. This gives your entire kitchen or bathroom counter a smooth, coherent appearance.

Easily Hide Seams with Undermount Sinks

Of course, not every person wants a concrete sink. Undermount sinks are an alternative to cast-as-one concrete sinks. Additionally, they are often necessary with other countertop materials. The presence of an undermount sink often creates the need for a seam. However, because the flush surface of the countertop is already “broken” by the sink, it can make for a good place to hide a seam.

Enjoy the Beauty of Your Countertop, Not its Blemishes

We can’t stress this enough: Avoid seams at all costs! Even a hidden pimple will stand out in the mirror.