Acid Stained Countertops?


“Uh oh…”

“I’m so sorry about that.”


None of these are things you want to hear in your kitchen, outdoor patio or bar. They are usually followed by a cleanup that might leave your countertops stained or tarnished. If any of these things were heard near your purposefully stained concrete countertop protected by CustomCreteWerks proprietary N-hansed™ process, then you have nothing to worry about.

With all of the style choices that concrete has to offer from sinks to edges, acid stained concrete countertops can make your design stand out. The staining enhances the look of the surface whether it’s in your home, backyard patio or commercial property. The color splash can add a rustic feel or modern tone.

Because the acid stain coloring process is a reaction that occurs with the concrete, large variations in color can occur making your countertop’s finish truly unique. Nothing will compare. Add in the eco-friendly nature, heat resistance and easy-to-clean qualities of concrete, and you’ll never fear spills on your countertops again.

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